Volume Sales

Grass-fed Beef Value Packages

grass fed steak

We have been receiving many inquiries about purchasing whole, sides and quarters of our beef.

Our problem has been that each cow is different as far as weight and various beef cuts that are available. Also, with quarters there is the front quarter which has different beef cuts than the hind quarter. Plus the hind quarter is more expensive because it contains most of the best steaks.

Some families have expressed a desire to buy larger quantities of our grass fed ground beef so we are also providing quantity discounts on orders of 20-100# of ground beef as well as other assorted value packages when available.

Build your own 100 lb. generic quarter and get 10% off regular prices. 

Ground Beef Specials

(1 lb packages)

20 lb. — $6.50 /lb
100 lb. — $6.00 /lb

Prices subject to change 4/24/20