About Us


 The Family

4th Generation — Carolyn & John
5th Generation — Jill & Julie
6th Generation — Tyler, Jesse, Cody, & Rudy

 Our Story

Wheel-View Farm has been in Carolyn’s family since 1896. Our grandchildren Tyler, Jesse, and Cody are currently the sixth generation of our family to live on the farm and cousin Rudy also likes to come and help out. With a magnificent view that spans 4 states, it has been home to Holstein dairy cows, abundant flowers, maple syrup, Belted Galloway beef cattle, peaches and apples.

John & Carolyn began stewardship in 1979, operating a dairy farm until 1988 and then selling hay to other farmers and horse owners. We also manage the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association Warehouse for maple syrup containers. As well as our specialty, the dahlias, numerous perennials are grown for cut flowers.

Recently our efforts to preserve open space and sustainable agriculture on Wheel-View Farm in Shelburne have led us into a new venture — Belted Galloway beef cattle. Many people have commented to us about seeing these animals grazing in our pastures and fields so we thought we might try to answer some of your questions.

Our first reason for getting these cattle was for land management. Their browsing ability will help us to maintain the open space that remains in our pastures. Second, we hope to sell some animals for breeding stock to other farmers and landowners. We also have beef from some of the cattle available for sale .

Raising animals on pasture is not only better for the animals, it’s also healthier for consumers. In particular, animals that graze on grass produce meat that has several times more health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta carotene, but less total fat and omega-6 fatty acids.