Wheel-View Farm in Shelburne is a family owned scenic hilltop farm in western Massachusetts raising USDA certified natural grass-fed beef and breeding stock from our primarily Belted Galloway & Murray Grey herd.

The cattle graze on our summer pastures and are fed grass-legume hay from our fields during the winter. These heritage breed cattle do an excellent job of maintaining open space on land that is not suitable for grain or vegetable crops. Our grassfed animals eat only grass from our pastures and hay from our fields from birth to market. They are not given corn, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

We have chosen this type of farming because it is more environmentally friendly, more humane for the animals, and also healthier for the consumer. Environmental Benefits of Grass farming

Shelburne has long been known for having farms that were good for grazing animals and growing apples due to the climate, soils, and elevation that we have here. During the late 1800’s Shelburne was the largest producer of dairy products in Franklin County and by the mid 1900’s the town was one of the largest apple producing areas in Massachusetts. The area still grows many old heirloom varieties of apples and we are trying to increase their numbers in our orchard through the use of grafting on to our younger trees.

Apple OrchardVisitors are always welcome, but please call or email for hours and availability. Beef is available at our farm store, and shipping is now available for our beef.